"Never was there a time when I did not exist,nor you,nor all theses kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be." 2.12 The Bhagwat Gita


Ajay Shrivastav, founder and creator of Gingerblu  and one of the Directors of  Molecule Communications Pvt ltd  is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for starting and building businesses.   

Ajay’s first experience in business began in 1995 when he stepped into his family’s failing business and turned it around within two years, leaving the business profitable and thriving.  It was during this experience that he developed a keen understanding and passion for business.

Ajay’s career as an entrepreneur began in 2003 when he launched Creative, The Design Cell providing design and production solutions to contemporary top designers including Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, Diane Von Furstenberg and Rozae Nichols.  In the 2nd  year the company generated 1.5mm in sales.

In 2004, while operating Creative, The Design Cell, Ajay launched Gingerblu his greatest professional accomplishment to date.   The company launched out of his living room and within one year grew to $1.4mm in sales.   Within the 4 years of running this business Gingerblu landed in 400 stores globally including the U.S., Canada, Greece, Japan, and India.  Some of these distributors included Fred Siegel, Big Drop, Nordstrom Savvy, Anthropologie and Atrium.  Another major milestone included major distribution through the Victoria Secrets catalog.

In 2008, Ajay closed Gingerblu due to personal reasons and joined Hope and Glory  and the 2812 collection by Sienna and Savannah Miller  where he played a primary role in supporting the management of the business.

Through his entire journey as a business owner and consultant, Ajay discovered his greatest passion to support others in realizing their professional dreams.  In 2010 he did some exceptional work for a non-profit including helping them to launch a cafe within their premises.  In 2009 and 2011, he worked with a  PR and event based business in Mumbai,India where he helped the owner turnaround her business and was able to help this owner achieve profitability.

Ajay’s educational background includes graduating from Jaihind College Mumbai with a B.A. in Economics and Management and a law degree from Government law college