For Startups

Are you

  • A fashion designer or creative individual that has a desire to launch a fashion line/business?
  • A business owner that has a desire to launch a fashion line as part of their bigger brand and enterprise?
  • Someone with enough funding to launch your business?

If so, I believe I can help.  Through my vast experience as a fashion designer and business owner I have an expertise and passion for helping others to realize their own creative dreams through creating something from nothing.


Phase I:  Two-day strategic planning session:

Day one: Discovery and goal setting

  1. Understanding your vision and long term goals
  2. Understanding the product that you wish to launch
  3. Assessing the competitive set
  4. Analyzing current business strategy
  5. Looking into the basic finance structure of the company

Day 2: Going to market

  1. Project plan to take product to market
  2. Description and understanding of the manufacturing process
  3. Sampling
  4. Sales strategy
  5. PR strategy
  6. Operational plan
  7. Production and distribution strategy
  8. Profitability and efficiency plan

Phase II: 6 months of follow up consultation

In the next phase of work we work together on launching the business and taking you to market.

The importance of this phase of work is around shortening the learning curve as well as providing me the opportunity to open doors that may be important for your business.

Fee schedule: 

After an initial complimentary consultation, a customized proposal will be submitted appropriate to where you are  based on both the scope of the work and the stage and budget of the business.